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Bloopers and Out Takes
Not in Kansas

We descended into Manila when suddenly the plane started ascending with no explanation from the pilot. I looked back through the seats at Mark, angled my hand like a rising plane, and raised my eyebrows in question. "Wrong Island?" Mark guessed. (Actually, too many planes trying to land at once - nice try Mark).

In the van on the way to Bohol, Amber requested to sit next to Uncle Mark instead of her normal Aunt Rose. The now Great Uncle Mark gave his beautiful niece a piece of gum. Marietta joked, "Amber, when you are finished with the gum, just put it on Uncle Markís pants leg". This was pretty funny for about 3 minutes until Mark looked down to find a gooey, slobbery piece of gum on his shorts. Real funny Marietta!

What Sue said: "Iíve never sat on my ass as much as I have on this trip. My ass is killing me."
What Mark heard: "Iíve never passed as much gas as I have on this trip. My ass is killing me."

If you ask Marietta how long it will take to get somewhere, she *always* responds, "Half an hour."

Mark was walking up from the beach at the Bohol Beach Resort and noticed a crowd of people sitting in an open pavilion. The speaker was telling a story about a young boy and his cookie. Great! Mark thought, a comedy show. Iíll get changed and maybe be able to catch the end of the show. He passed by, listening intently. "- and then the child broke his cookie in two and gave half to his brother." Oops. Not a comedy club - the homily of a mass. Iím guessing Mark didnít get changed quick enough to catch the ending.

Amber spent time around other children who spoke Tagalog amongst themselves. Before long, I heard her speaking the language. Impressed, I turned to Marietta and asked, "What did she say?" Marietta answered, "Sheís just making up words.