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We awoke at 3:00 am on Saturday to catch a 6:00 am flight to the Bohol area. The ticket said 6:00, but when we got to the airport, the flight was posted as a 7:00 am flight. In Bohol, we were joined by Mariettaís sister, Elvira, sister-in-law, Ansel, and friend, Aureal (Neneng).

Floating Cottage

Floating Cottage Floating Cottages

On our way to the resort, we stopped to have lunch in a floating cottage. One thing I was really looking forward to was staying at a floating cottage. I pictured a small beach-type house rigged to float on the water. "Cottages," however, are open structures, common on beaches, with a roof of dried leaves (perhaps coconut). The "floating cottage" was merely a dining boat with a thatched roof.

Lunch Motor Pushing the Cottage

We could have eaten immediately, but they werenít scheduled to motor down the river for two hours. They offered to leave immediately and give us a private ride with our lunch, for a small fee, 1,250 Pesos. "No way," Marietta said. "Weíll wait." Mark and I pulled her aside. "Marietta, we donít mind paying that. Itís only about $27." "Oh," she answered, "it sounds a lot worse in Pesos."

Loboc River Choir Another Choir

We motored lazily down the river, eating a delicious lunch: pancit, seaweed, squid, chicken, and, of course, rice. At the end, the Loboc River Choir - a raft full of children with banjos - serenaded us (for a small donation).

View on the River View on the River View on the River



After we returned - in the rain - we went to the gift shop next door and found they had live Tarsiers, the smallest primate in the world. A man placed one of them on my arm (for a small fee). It was no bigger than my hand and had huge brown eyes. Amber and Carl also got to hold the small creature. Amber jerked back when the creature touched her and the Tarsier leapt quite a distance.

Carl with Tarsier

Being the best Aunt in the world, I said, "Carl, you did a good job. Amber, nice try." Amber burst into tears. Oops. Maybe not the "best" Aunt.

Amber with Tarsier Barbie Wachowski

Sue bought Tarsier key chains for Amber and Carl. Amber named hers Barbie "Wachowski". Mark cringed and said, "I just pictured a Barbie with huge calves, hefty thighs and small sue-sues."

Python Lady


Our next stop was to see the largest python in captivity. The snake ate a pig once a month. As we viewed it, the snake didnít move making us wonder if it were dead. Perhaps it was just digesting. Other small cages held an eagle and some other birds, plus a mammal I couldnít identify hanging upside down. But the biggest attraction at this stop was the "lady" (or "Gay-dy" as Bebís called her) who showed us around. This man/woman was in full drag. Every other horizontal stripe of "her" full length skirt was see-through. Luckily, the top one was opaque.

Python Lady

At the end of our quick tour, she danced and lip-synched a couple numbers for us, her mouth quivering. At one point, she did a high kick and Mark leaned over to me and said, "Thank God she didnít kick toward us. I think I would have been damaged for life!" Carl watched with his eyes popping, but Amber danced along, picking up new dance steps. When the Python Lady, as we called her, grabbed a pole and walked a couple steps up the side, Amber tried to mimic her.

As we continued our trip through the Philippines, I was amazed at how many people outside of Bohol knew of the Python Lady.

Bohol Beach Resort

Finally we reached the Bohol Beach Resort with its beautiful white beaches. We all went our separate ways to relax with drinks, pool, beach, or hammock.

At dinner, we were serenaded by four guitar playing musicians - for a small fee. One Filipino song sounded so romantic, but we burst out laughing when they sang the chorus in English and we heard: "Because of you, Iím joyful that Iím leaving." When I was back in the U.S., Marietta provided the actual words to the chorus: "Because of you, Iím joyful that Iím living." I think the other version is funnier!

Bohol Beach Resort Bohol Beach Resort Bohol Beach Resort Bohol Beach Resort Bohol Beach Resort