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Ever since they married, over five years ago, my Filipino sister-in-law, Marietta, and her husband, David, have been filing paperwork to bring Marietta’s son, Carl, over from the Philippines. Several times over the years, we thought the end was near and we’d price tickets to the Philippines, but we encountered one delay after another.

On May 15th of this year, with the paperwork finished, Carl completed his required interview and we were informed that we could pick him up anytime after May 25th. Phone lines buzzed as we checked schedules and purchased tickets for travel in June.

Marietta, her four-year-old daughter, Amber, and I would go for the full three weeks. Brothers Tom and Mark and Cousin Sue planned to travel with us for the first week. David would arrive the day they left and stay the remaining two weeks.

Marietta comes from a large family, nine boys and two girls. The Filipinos seem to love nicknames. In order to keep the rest of this simple, here is the list of her family from oldest to youngest and their nicknames (not all spouses and children are listed):

Mother LeovigildaBelen(deceased) 
Brother AlfredoBoyNeneAllen
Brother Silvestre Jr. (deceased)JuniorVising 
Brother EdgardoEking 8 kids
Brother RolandoBebs; Bebot  
Brother ArmandoBebing  
Brother ReynaldoKokong  
Brother FernandoANickAlotCarlotta; Anne
Brother RicardoKaka  
Self MariettaMariettDavidCarl; Amber
Brother LeonardoEndoyAnselQueenie
Sister Elvira EdangRayJohn Rhey (Wild Boy);
Neil (Loy-Loy; Street Boy);
Raven (Tarsier Baby)