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We woke up early on Saturday, June 30th to catch our hour and a half flight to Manila. We left Mama Belenís house at 8:00 am and arrived at Fernandoís around 4:00 pm. The plane was only a half hour late, but the drives on both ends took time and we had arrived at the airport early. In fact, we arrived so early that we werenít allowed to enter the airport. We waited outside until about two hours before our flight, and then they let us in.

Alot, Marietta, Dave, Armando

At Fernandoís, his wife Alot greeted us with pancit. Later Marietta, Bebs and I took a Jeepney to get some wine and beer. A Jeepney is a type of taxi. The vehicle looks like a Jeep, but has a roof over an extended back and open windows throughout. I donít think a Jeepney is ever considered full. Squished in between other riders, I always felt surprised when someone hopped on and people were able to squeeze over to make room. In the province (where we stayed with Mariettaís mom), people would sit on the floor, hang on the back and even climb on the roof.

A Jeepney cost 7 Pesos per person per ride. The money is passed up to the driver at some point during the ride. Signs posted on the front and side windows indicate the route, but there are no designated stops. Some have pull cords for riders to indicate they want to get off, on others the rider just calls out, bangs on the roof, or hops off when the Jeepney stops in traffic. One of the Jeepneys we took during our trip pulled into a gas station to fill-up. The attendant had to open the driverís door to reach the gas tank. Iím not sure that would pass the U.S.ís safety standards.

We returned and sat out front eating pork straight off the grill and drinking. Very informal and tasty. We all retired early.

Amber and Carl Napping Anne Brushing Amber's Hair

Dave, Amber, Marietta and Carl slept in the bed in the air conditioned room. Bebs stretched out on the floor on one side of the bed and I bedded down on the other. In the middle of the night, Amber fell off the bed and landed partially on top of me. She simply rolled over and kept sleeping. I donít think her thumb even left her mouth. In the morning, she looked up at David and said, "Daddy, I went to bed with you." She climbed back up and went to sleep, never realizing she had fallen out of bed.