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Fragile Sue


The next morning we left the resort and caught a ferry from Tagbilaran to Cebu. Tom, Mark, Sue and I were shocked when our ferry tickets led us into first class, while the others headed for coach. Marietta seemed to think we were fragile Americans, especially Sue.

Throughout the trip, Marietta kept asking Sue, "Are you okay?" She even went beyond that. I rode on the back of a motorcycle in Ormoc and Marietta said, "Sue would never ride a motorcycle." "Marietta," Sue replied, "I dated two different guys who owned motorcycles." Sueís "fragility" became a running joke. I donít know how Marietta ever got the idea that Sue was so delicate. I certainly know better!

On the next ferry we took, from Cebu to Ormoc, we traveled coach with everyone else. Not much difference.

Fernando, Sue, Rose Amber, Leonardo, Queenie

Fernando had flown over to Ormoc the day before and stayed at his motherís place. He and another brother picked us up at the ferry station and took us to the house. I rode in the back of Fernandoís jeep and enjoyed the breeze (Sue would never ride in the back of a jeep).

Shortly after we arrived, Leonardo headed to the market to pick up chicken and I went along, perched on the back of his motorcycle (Sue would never ride on a motorcycle). He got the chicken and handed me the plastic bag, "Here, can you hold this." "Uh, sure," I said, but wondered how I was going to hold onto the motorcycle at the same time.

The one good thing about traveling with fragile Sue is we again got the air conditioned room.