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Power Plant (Tuesday, June 19th)

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Power Plant

Aurelia (Lyn-Lyn) & Rogelio (Danny) Calape Sue, Danny, Marietta, Nenegn, Lyn-Lyn, Tom, Bebs, Rose, Amber

On Tuesday, Neneng’s brother-in-law Rogelio (Danny) and his wife Aurelia (Lyn-Lyn) Calape took us on a tour of the local power plant. The company drills approximately 2 kilometers below the surface to pipe up steam. In a couple places, we saw steam rising from the mountain itself.

Drilling Pipe

Once the drilling is done, the equipment is moved out. They only drill additional holes if they have new customers or an existing hole needs clearing. The steam is piped to the plant to run the turbines. The station we saw powers all of Ormok. Using steam is an extremely clean process and very environment friendly, which doesn’t eliminate the strong smell of sulfur (eggs) in certain areas.

When the company took over the land, there were no trees due to "slash and burn" farming and illegal logging. The company replanted the trees and now the land is lush again.


The Group Sinks for Washing Your Fingers

We headed back and had lunch at a local restaurant, Ati-Atihan. The food was great and the Mango Shakes were excellent. I was addicted.

That night we rented a Karaoke machine and had a party for Bebs’ birthday. We stayed up until 3 am singing, dancing and laughing. Marietta’s family all have great voices, and Sue’s isn’t bad, but the Maryland Wachowski’s - not so much. Mark and I still belted out our favorites and Tom even sang one line of a song.

The Filipinos love to sing. There is karaoke everywhere. People have machines in their homes. You can rent them. They are at the beaches.

Setting Up the Karaoke Machine Amber's Solo - with Mark and Carl Bebs Elvira and a Red Horse Bottle Microphone Fernando and Mark Fernando and Marietta