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With our departure to Manila scheduled for the next morning, a group of us went into town to pick up a few last minute items. In the Philippines, there is no such thing as a quick trip to the store!

Entering the store isnít too bad. There is a separate security line for men and women. The guard checks purses and runs a quick hand over your stomach and back. Upon leaving, your receipts, which are taped to the outside of the bag, are marked with a red pencil.

The time consuming part is making a purchase. Each item has to first be taken to a clerk who writes up a ticket, for each individual item, based on the price tag and indicates any discount. Then you stand in line with all your items and all your individual tickets. The salesperson compares each ticket against the tag, computes the discount on their calculator and enters it into the cash register. If they see a discrepancy between the price tag and the ticket, they call over the clerk. The clerk reviews the two and makes a correction on the ticket. An amazingly slow process. Luckily, groceries and alcohol donít go through the two clerk process.

I have no pictures of "shopping," so I've included some of Marietta's Mother's Home

Marietta, Tom, Neneng on the Porch Bebs, Edang, Endoy, Belen in the Kitchen Area Sue in the Air Conditioned Bedroom Street Boy, Queenie, Amber, Carl in the Living Room