The Philippines

Toto, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore.

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Not in Kansas

When driving in the Philippines, make sure you remember these simple rules:
1. A red light is only a suggestion.
2. A turn signal means "I plan to change lanes."
3. A turn signal with a beep of the horn means "I’m changing lanes even if a vehicle’s in my way - so move it."
4. A four lane road means there are four lanes available to be used in either direction.
5. The lane markers are meant to be straddled.
6. If you’re pulling into heavy traffic, honk your horn and go.
7. If you’re in the main lanes of heavy traffic, never let someone pull in front of you, even if they honk their horn and go.

One More?

Automobile Occupancy Reminders:
- 16 people can easily fit in a 7 seat van.
- If the bus is full, and the aisle of the bus is full, sit on top.
- There’s always room for one more.

Being a teacher is a prestigious job. This type of employment is sought after. Right now the field is saturated with applicants, so graduating with honors gives one a better chance of being hired.

A married woman with children is not generally considered for employment other than teaching. The culture believes they should stay home with their children.

Laundry is done by hand and hung out to dry.

Men and women go through separate security lines.

How many islands make up the Philippines? High tide or low tide? At low tide, 7,107 Islands. At high tide, some disappear under the water.

A coconut leaf can be used as a toothpick.

A banana leaf can be used to shelter a bicyclist from the rain.

Movies can be purchased for 75 Pesos ($2).

10 cans of Red Horse beer + 6 cans of Mountain Dew + a bottle of Wine costs about 630 Pesos (about $14).