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Arches National Park - Camp

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

We arrived at Arches around 6 pm and made camp.
Beautiful campsite All our stuff
The campsite had a tremendious view. All our stuff.
A shaded nook
A shaded nook in a rock by our campsite made a great resting space.

Directly across from our campsite was the amphitheater and skyline arch.
Amphitheater across from the campsite Skyline Arch
The amphitheater (with restrooms) At the back of the amphitheater stood Skyline Arch.

We had a marvelous dinner by the campfire.
Elaine prepares to open the wine Elaine and Rose drink the wine
Elaine does her part by opening the wine Rose does her part by helping Elaine drink the wine
Robyne cooking dinner Camp fire
Robyne cooks dinner while Elaine supervises The steaks were cooked over the camp fire

The sunset was spectacular and that night the moon lit up the campsite.
Moon up before the sun sets Moon over camp
The moon was up long before the sun set That night the moon shown like a car headlight into our tents
Light plays over the rocks Sunset
Light from the setting sun played over the rocks Sunset

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