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Devil's Garden - Hiking

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Devil's Garden Trail Map:

Devil's Garden Trail Map

The arches weren't the only interesting part of the hike.

Elaine with her chapstick Rock formation - looks like a face
Elaine with important survival gear - chapstick Rock formations took on all shapes (man's face)
Steep Descent Rose in a nook
Steep descent down a smooth rock Rose takes a break in a nook
Dark Angel Robyne climbing
Dark Angel Robyne climbs a steep rock

Dark Angel

At the far end of the trail was a path leading to Dark Angel. Robyne asked, "Should we hike out to the base?" Robyne asks questions like this all the time. It may sound like she's seeking our opinion, however she'll only accept one answer. I responded, "I don't see any need to hike all that extra way in this heat. The view's good from here." WRONG ANSWER! After Robyne shot me a scathing look, we hit the trail towards the base.

Primative Trail

We took the "difficult" Primitive trail back, climbing over smooth slabs of rock. Half way back, we passed a lady...
   Lady:"You're all smiling."
   Rose:"We're going downhill."
   Lady:"Not for long!"

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