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Places Robyne Wouldn't Let Us Stop

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  Arches National Park
      The Great Alcohol Search
      Devils Garden - Arches
      Devils Garden - Hiking
  Grand Canyon
      The Plunge
      Bright Angel Campground
      Clear Creek Trail
      The Ascent
      Indian Garden Campground
      Tonto West Hike
      The Great Snake Battle
      The Final Ascent
  The Narrows
      Gearing Up
      The Awakening
      The Hike In
      Pee / Poo
      The Hike Out
      Places We Missed
      Meteor Crater
      Airport Mesa
      Thunder Mountain

At the beginning of our trip, Robyne and Elaine arrived in Albuquerque a day ahead of me, so they got the car. Elaine, being our researcher and navigator, rightly didn't trust either Robyne or I to navigate, so decided not to drive herself. Robyne and I have been on many road trips together. On the rare occassion we've bothered to stop for directions, we would both nod our heads while detailed instructions were imparted. Once we drove away from the helpful samaritan, we would look at each other and say, "Did you get that? I wasn't paying attention."

But, I digress. All we had to do was swing by the airport on our way out of Albuquerque and place me on the rental agreement. For some reason, our late start, the 40-minute detour to the airport on top of our 6-8 hour drive to Arches was a little too much for Robyne to bear. So, Elaine and I resigned ourselves to being passengers for the whole two-weeks. Although, I love to drive, I contentedly made myself a nest in the backseat. Even with my gear taking up half the space, I was able to curl up, layout my supplies and stash my food and drink. Little did we know the penalties we would pay by giving control of the car to Robyne.

Rose nesting in the car Rose's food and drink stash
Rose nesting in the back seat of the car Rose's food and drink stash (yum!)

The trouble started when we passed the infamous Elephant Legs rock formation.

Elephant Legs rock formation

Robyne wouldn't let us stop!

Thus began a litany of impressive sites that Robyne wouldn't stop at...

Vermillion Cliffs Checker Board
Vermillion Cliffs (layers of different color rocks) Checker Board (criss-cross lines)
Rock Formation Rock Formation
A rock formation Another rock formation
Twin Arrows Two Guns
Town called Twin Arrows (one arrow fell) The very next town, Two Guns
Joseph City
She wouldn't even let us stop at a city named after her eldest son, Joseph!
Horses Water
Don't let Robyne tell you we were stopped at
Sonic when these horses crossed the road
Pink Jeep Tours
Pink Jeep Tours
Campground Camper
A Campground we never even consider staying at A scenic view (it's behind the motorhome)
But finally, we got her. We set up a ranger station and made everyone stop.
Enterance to tunnel at Zion
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