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Friday, September 19, 2008

We arrived at Inidian Garden campground at 9:00 AM - INCONCEIVABLE!!!

Indian Garden campsite Robyne & Elaine at campsite

After setting up camp and eating lunch ("The Big Switch") we explored the camp looking for a place to sit and read. We carried our therma rest chairs by groups of resting hikers and to a small stream that crossed the path. Not finding a good place to sit, we decided to try the ampitheater. We traced our steps back past the hikers and took a side trail down to the ranger station. Unable to find the ampitheater, we asked a ranger.

  • Us: "Where's the ampitheater?"
  • Guide: "Right here."
  • Us: "Oh."
  • Guide: "What were you expecting? The Verizon Center?"
The Verizon Center Ampitheater

On his recommendation, we headed past the resting hikers (again) and back to the stream. We traipsed upstream a few fet and found the perfect spot. We soaked our feet and read. At one point, I rinsed out my hair in the cold water. I'm afraid I may have caused an oil slick.

Robyne & Elaine soaking their feet Dragonflies
Robyne & Elaine soak their feet in the cool spring Blue and red dragonflies kept us company

When sunset approached, we packed up dinner, PB&J or PB&AwH (Peanut Butter and Apple with Honey powder) and headed for Plateau Point. This point on the Tonto plateau provided a 360 degree view.

Plateau Point Sunset at Plateau Point
Plateau Point Sunset at Plateau Point
Rose, Elaine and Robyne

We headed back soon after the sun set. Did I mention my flashlight bit the dust? This made the trek back to camp in the dimming light a little more challenging. As we neared camp, we looked back and saw a series of headlamps bouncing along the trail. Soon after returning, we went to bed. I laid in my sleeping bag, listening to the noise of other campers, thinking, "How come so many people are still awake?" Then I realized... it was only 7:30 pm. INCONCEIVABLE!

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