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The Grand Canyon

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  Arches National Park
      The Great Alcohol Search
      Devils Garden - Arches
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  Grand Canyon
      The Plunge
      Bright Angel Campground
      Clear Creek Trail
      The Ascent
      Indian Garden Campground
      Tonto West Hike
      The Great Snake Battle
      The Final Ascent
  The Narrows
      Gearing Up
      The Awakening
      The Hike In
      Pee / Poo
      The Hike Out
      Places We Missed
      Meteor Crater
      Airport Mesa
      Thunder Mountain

Tuesday, September 16 - Monday, September 22, 2008

The Grand Canyon is BIG! And pretty. Turn up your volume and listen to this echo.

Grand Canyon

Trail Map:
Grand Canyon Trail Map

Our Schedule:
DayDescriptionMileageElevationHiking Time
Day 1Backpacked from South Rim to Bright Angel Campground (next to Phantom Ranch) on the South Kaibab Trail.6 miles4,780 feet lost5 hours
Day 2Day hiked Clear Creek Trail.5 miles1,000 feet gained, then lost 
Day 3Backpacked up to Indian Springs Campground on the Bright Angel Trail. Day hiked to Plateau Point.4.7 miles1,400 feet gained3 hours
Day 4Day hiked Tonto West Trail to Horn Creek Campground and back.5 miles  
Day 5Backpacked up to the South Rim on the Bright Angel Trail. Ate dinner at El Tovar.4.5 miles3,000+ feet gained3 hours
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