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Grand Canyon Preparation

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  Arches National Park
      The Great Alcohol Search
      Devils Garden - Arches
      Devils Garden - Hiking
  Grand Canyon
      The Plunge
      Bright Angel Campground
      Clear Creek Trail
      The Ascent
      Indian Garden Campground
      Tonto West Hike
      The Great Snake Battle
      The Final Ascent
  The Narrows
      Gearing Up
      The Awakening
      The Hike In
      Pee / Poo
      The Hike Out
      Places We Missed
      Meteor Crater
      Airport Mesa
      Thunder Mountain

Preparation Hike at Power Lines Every year Elaine, Robyne and I take an extended backpacking trip. The Grand Canyon would be the most challenging we attempted. We each had a different concern. Elaine, with her bad knees, feared the downhill. Me, with me questionable cardio fitness, feared the uphill – and who wouldn’t! Robyne, being a dainty little flower, feared the heat. "What in the world is a *dry heat* anyway?"
Lucy at the Local Power Lines

Afternoon Thunderstorms A month before the trip, I decided I'd better get in shape. Literature says the only way to train for the Grand Canyon is to go up and down stadium stairs with a full pack. Not having a convenient stadium, I headed to the nearby powerlines. A month of trekking up and down the hills under those powerlines, in the heat, during afternoon thunderstorms, with 15 pounds of water on my back, might not get me in perfect shape, but it couldn’t hurt. After a couple of weeks of this, I called Robyne and Elaine to see how they were training. "We’re watching the Olympics. It’s exhausting, but we feel in better shape already!" I took the next week off.

Afternoon Thunderstorms

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