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The Great Snake Battle

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Saturday, September 20, 2008

In this corner, weighing less than a pound, with the
twitchiest tail in the game, we have "Morning-Hair" Squirrel!
  And in the other corner, coiled up and ready to go is
"Baby-Rattle" Snake!
Morning-Hair Squirrel   Baby-Rattle Snake

Let's hear from our contestants...

I always like to bulk-up before a fight.   Don't call me baby. Phhht.
Morning-Hair Squirrel   Sticking out his tongue at us

Maam... No photos at this time.
Robyne taking a photo of the rattle snake

Let the battle begin...
Rattlesnake and squirrel face-off

Watch the action live by clicking on the movie links below! (Well it was filmed live.)

Round One - Goes to the Squirrel.

Round Two - Goes to the Snake.

And the winner is...

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