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The Narrows - The Hike Out

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

With the more difficult 8-miles ahead of us, we decided on 9:00 am as a good time to leave camp. I awoke that morning and stumbled down to where Robyne and Elaine were already sipping their hot drinks. "What time is it?" I shouldn't have asked. It was already 8:45 and they had been awake since 7:30. We changed our departure time to 10:00 and made it out of camp by 10:40. This was more like our normal backpacking schedule!

In contrast to the day before, all three of us immediately plunged into the water, not caring how wet our feet got. It's possible the warmer morning had something to do with that. With each mile, the water seem to get deeper. Soon it was common for our crossings to be knee-deep.

Join us on the trail.

When we reach The Narrows section of this hike, the river stretched clear across. We could see how there would be no escaping a flash flood.

At Big Springs, we began running into day-hikers. Big Springs was the furthest point day-hikers were allowed to reach before having to turn back.

Fellow Hikers Big Springs
We ran into this same group in the Grand Canyon Big Springs

The final mile of the hike was on a paved path leading along the river to the shuttle buses. Can you say, "boring!"

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