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The Narrows

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Monday, September 22 - Thursday, September 25, 2008

We made to Zion National Park around 4:00 and, with our excitement building for our backpacking trip through the Narrows, stopped at the backcountry office. The diverse trek through Zion's premier canyon is one of the most touted and breathtaking adventures in America. Extraordinary beauty and unique character describe this amazing gorge. Hanging gardens burst from dramatically colored perpendicular walls while trickling water threads its way through moss covered boulders. Gentle slopes give way to sheer walls funneling streams of water into fluted slides and twisting channels cutting deeper and deeper as the journey continues its path southward. Along the sandy perches of the banks, towering ponderosa send their roots downward, hungry for nutrients and water. The entire trip is wondrous. The Zion Narrows deserves its reputation as one of the best, if not the best, hike in the National Park System. It's also one of the more dangerous hikes. When it rains, you get a flash flood and in some parts of the trail there is no place to go. This is why the Park Service won't give you a permit until the day before you hike in the Narrows. We were quite pleased to hear that there was very little chance of rain. We picked up our permit and our ...ahem... poop bags. You can dig a hole in the woods, but you really don't have that option in a river bed. 'Nuff said.

Next we stopped and set up camp. We stayed at the campground within the park and one night was enough at this campground. The sites were right on top of each other and very dusty. After setting up camp, we went to the Zion Rock and Mountain Guides Outfitters to pickup our gear for the trip.

Dusty Campground
Dusty, loud campground

We left the outfitters and stopped for pizza and beer before going back to the campground. We completed our pre-packing ordeal and started a campfire before turning in early. Alarms were set for 5:30 AM to give us time to pack up camp and catch the 6:30 shuttle. The persistent cacophony of the campground was occasionally punctuated with a random car alarm and our farting neighbor. We were really looking forward to being in the backcountry again.

Robyne & Elaine The Narrows Rose & Robyne

Trail Map:
The Narrows Trail Map

Our Schedule:
DayDescriptionMileageHiking Time
Day 1Backpacked from Chamberlain's Ranch to Campground 6.8 miles6.0 hours
Day 2Backpacked from Campground 6 to Temple of Sinawava.8 miles4.5 hours
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