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Sedona - Airport Mesa

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

We arrived in Sedoma around 4:00 and checked into the Super 8 Motel (I know - classy). After a quick nap to recover from the excitement of Meteor Crater, we headed to Airport Mesa to take in the sunset. There is nothing like drinking a fine wine in an isolated scenic spot. And this was nothing like that! Although the wine was very nice, we shared our tremendous view with like 1,000 other tourists.

Thunder Mountain Sunset
Fading light reflected off thunder mountain Sunset
Rose at Airport Mesa Elaine and Robyne at Airport Mesa
100 of our closest friends

For dinner, we went to the Heartline restaurant. The ambiance impressed us, especially since we got to sit outside. The menu thrilled us and our expectations increased. Then we waited and waited and waited. Finally, mediocre bread was brought to the table. Uh oh... not looking good. After another wait, our waitress appeared, but decided to share her life story with us. Then the Sedona wine we selected wasn't the best. Thankfully, from there, everything improved.

Robyne & Elaine at Heart Restaurant Rose & Elaine at Heart Restaurant
Outdoor seating at Heartline Restaurant

Elaine and Robyne had pecan encrusted trout with Dijon cream sauce. I had the Gnocchi with sweet garlic (that I thought were mushrooms), pesto and broccoli. We wrapped up the meal with 20 year old Tawny port for Robyne, Cappuccino for myself and for Elaine, a Grand Marnier and a berry cream dessert that she swears is the best dessert she ever had.

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