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Meteor Crater

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

After not letting us stop anywhere, Robyne insisted we stop at Meteor Crater.

Meteor Crater Exit
Robyne let us stop!!!

Okay, maybe it was Elaine's idea. As we neared, we heard their ad on the radio. Hear for yourself why our excitement grew.

Meteor Crater
Meteor Crater

Our game plan was to run in, take a picture and run back out. We hustled up to the ticket gate. Ticket gate? Uh oh. $15 / person. $45 total to take one picture.

  • As we debated, the entrance guard offered her opinion. "There's plenty to do inside. You'll want to see the movie and there's a museum. You can get a guided tour around the rim of the crater."
  • Robyne put her foot down, "We're on a tight schedule." (She can be such a liar!) "We won't have time to watch the movie. We're just going to run in and take a picture."
  • "That's a pretty pricey picture." (She said it!)
  • "We'll be out in five minutes."
  • "You'll be in there a lot longer. I'll be timing you."

Space shuttle The compound
Space shuttle - NASA DOES SOMETHING HERE The impressive compound!
God Bless America

22 minutes. We would have been out sooner, but we took a private tour of the restrooms and then, on the way out, I made a fatal mistake. "Let's just scoot through the museum." Never, and I mean *never*, detour a librarian through a museum and expect her to zip through. Elaine couldn't seem to walk past a display without actually reading and learning.

Elaine Elaine touching a meteor rock
Elaine takes a private tour of the bathroom Elaine touches a real, live meteor rock

I have to give Elaine credit though - some of the facts she picked up were pretty interesting:

  • 50,000 years ago a giant meteor impacted the earth with the equivalent force of 20 million tons of dynamite.
  • The crater floor could actually hold 20 football fields.
  • It is about 1,200 m (4,000 ft) in diameter, some 170 m deep (570 ft), and is surrounded by a rim that rises 45 m (150 ft) above the surrounding plains. The center of the crater is filled with 210-240 m (700-800 ft) of rubble lying above crater bedrock.
  • The largest surviving fragment, viewable in the visitor center, weighs 3/4 tons. Current theories place the size of the meteor as 150 feet in diameter, and its weight at 300,000 tons.

For more information see the Meteor Crater site.

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